Guyana Water Incorporated

Relocation of GWI's Corporate Office

The Public is hereby notified that, effective Friday December 19, 2008, the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) Corporate Office previously located at Lot 10 Fort Street Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana, has been relocated to the New Corporate Complex, Vlissengen Road and Church Street, Bel Air Park, Georgetown (Shelter-Belt) which currently houses GWI's Customer Relations & Commercial Services Office.

All official corporate business and related services will now be done out of the Shelter Belt location.

Our telephone numbers for GWI’s Corporate Office will remain the same:

• Switch Board: 226-4076
• Chief Executive Secretariat: 225-0477/Fax # 225-0478
• Public Relations Department: 225-0476
• Capital Investment and Planning Department: 226-7305/ Fax # 226-6059
• Procurement Department: 227-1399/Fax 227-1311
• Finance Department: 226-4076
• Corporate Services: 227-0598
• Head of Human Resources: 231-7271
• World Bank: 226-0499
• Hinterland: 227-2829

We look forward to serving you at our new location!

Water is life! Save it!