Guyana Water Incorporated

Non-Revenue Water

Non-Revenue Water

In keeping with its mission GWI has formed a Non-Revenue Water Unit to diminish the amount of non-revenue water it produces by 5%. Non-revenue water is defined as water produced by the company, for which it receives no money in return, but is lost through factors such as leaks and meter malfunctions.

For the next five years this unit will bring significant mutual rewards to both the company and consumers.

Some of the mutual advantages to be gained through leakage control include a more reliable, more adequate service, higher water pressure coming through citizens’ taps, longer hours of water supply and more effective management of GWI's resources, including reducing its electricity bill by some 25%.

At present 70% of GWI’s daily operating cost goes towards electricity as the company produces twice the amount of water needed by its customers because of losses through leaks, tampering, and damage to its lines due to road construction and similar actions. This production loss represents 60%.

Further, the utility has now taken steps to regularise construction sites where large volumes of water are being used but unaccounted for. Such sites now have to register with GWI and failure to do so could result in disconnection; particularly where wastage and unaccounted water use is taking place.

At the same time, the company reminds citizens that water produced by GWI is NOT for agricultural use, but for cooking and other home hygiene purposes. The company wishes to remind citizens that it is illegal to connect a pump to GWI water lines. However, water can be collected in a reservoir and from therein pumped.

Make water conservation your obligation and do not waste it.