Guyana Water Incorporated

Leak Detection Programme - Linden Region 10

Attention: GWI customers of Linden

Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has commenced a leak detection programme in Linden, Region 10. The programme is aimed at rectifying leaks to improve access to water for all customers of Linden.

GWI’s Leak Detection Teams will be visiting communities throughout Linden to conduct this exercise.
The employees involved in the exercise in Blue Berry Hill from Monday – Friday (7:00hours – 15:00hours) will be in Danjou Park, Danjou Hill Area and Black Moses Street.

The employees involved in the exercise in Amelia’s Ward from Monday – Friday (7:00hours – 15:00hours) will be in the North Amelia’s Ward Area between the Police Outpost Street and the Soesdyke Highway (Phase 2).
Customers are asked to note that employees involved in the Leak Detection Programme are not authorized to work on Saturday, Sunday or National Holidays.

For a full list of the names and images of the employees involved in the programme, please click on the attachment below.

GWI thanks you for your understanding and partnership towards the success of this exercise.
For more information, please contact GWI’s Customer Services Office on 444-2551 or 444-8118; email: or Visit our website or Social Media page

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